Best Romantic Urdu Novels 2023

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Urdu novels boast a rich history, with esteemed writers such as Bano Qudsia, Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Saadat Hasan Manto, and many others who have greatly enriched it.

However, as with the changing times, the literature has also evolved. Emerging writers like S Merwa Mirza, Noor E Arooj, Ana Ilyas, Tania Tahir, Fatima Ahmed, Neelam Riasat, Meerab Ali Baloch, Saba Mughal, and Huma Waqas are making significant contributions to it.

List of Best Romantic Urdu Novels

romantic urdu novels

The best Urdu novels of 2023, Recent Urdu Novel 2023, and Romantic Urdu Novels of 2023 chosen for you are below.

Romantic Urdu Novels of 2023

Recent Urdu Novel 2023

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